Manifa is the Main Sponsor in SSPC - Saudi Aramco

Protective Coatings Workshop

November 3, 2016

The Consulting Services Department (CSD) at Saudi Aramco, in collaboration with the Society for Protective Coating (SSPC) has conducted a one-day technical workshop as part of its Industry Continuing Education Program November 1, 2016 at Le Meridien Hotel, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


Among the subjects discussed are the following:

1) Program Requirements & Contractor Qualifications

2) Application Process

3) Operational and Job-Site Audit SSPC

4) SSPC-QP 1 Evaluating Painting Contractors – Field Application

5) SSPC-QP 3 Certification Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems

6) SSPC-QP 5 Qualification of Coatings/Linings Inspection Companies

7) SSPC-QS 1 Evaluating Contractors Quality Management (pairing w/QP 1 & QP 3)

8) SSPC-ACS 1 Applicator Certification Standard 1


Manifa Powder Coatings is the main sponsor of the said program.


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