Manifa Powder Coatings Celebrates

89th Saudi Arabia National Day With Kids

September 29,  2019

Celebrated on the 23rd day of September every year, the Saudi National Day became significant back in 1932 when King Abdulaziz made a decision to unify and create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, previously named Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz.


This special day is an opportunity for every citizen and residents to learn about the establishment of country, the works of King Abdulaziz, the unification of KSA – many generations over the years have learned about the country’s heritage, customs, and traditions.


During this day when you will find flags of KSA plastered on every road, buildings and people proudly holding up their own flag all over Saudi Arabia.

Manifa Powder Coatings celebrated Saudi National Day like special day of education and activities for kids and bonding for employees.


Employees are encouraged to bring their kids and dress in traditional costumes or the national color green to show their Saudi spirit.

Kids and employees enjoyed traditional foods, dancing, and crafts like paintings, face paintings,  playing with slime and mascot among others are also part of the fun.