Manifa is a Platinum Sponsor during the Filipino

Engineers International Technical  Conference 2015

September 25, 2015


Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. Eastern Province Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of PICE National and PICE Regional Coordinating Committee, with the collaboration of Philippine Council of Engineers and Architects (PCEA) and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE), have clasped elbows to offer 4th International Technical Conference ‐ Saudi Arabia (4ITC‐SA2015), on the theme “Aligning Filipino Civil Engineers Through Frameworks of Profession Integration Towards Cross‐Border Recognition”.

4ITC‐SA2015 believes on Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) as enunciated by ASEAN concept of Integration 2015‐onwards, having aim to “create a single market and production base by ensuring a free flow of goods, services, investment, capital, and skilled labor; is undoubtedly in conjunction to PCEA and SCE’s stipulated MOU 2014 for all GCC perspective. Similar to ITC‐2014, The key to raise the bar for innovation, productivity of global competitiveness of Civil Engineers is the advancement of their knowledge, skills of expertise that will be presented in a language everyone to understand even by non-technical personnel.

Mr. Chris Le Roux, Head-Sales and Marketing of Manifa provides an introduction about Manifa and an insight about powder coating industry.

Mr. Eugenio Pipo, Jr., PICE National President presented the plaque of appreciation to Manifa.

The event was conducted at Le Meridien Hotel, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia on September 25, 2015.


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