Fusion Bond Epoxy Coatings

An epoxy powder specifically formulated for corrosion protection of welded wire mesh.  This material provides a smooth, snag-free surface which is easy to clean and will not rust even when exposed to water or other corrosive environments over long periods of time.

Product Description

Manifa FBE EY 216 series product is thermosetting Epoxy Powder Coating system designed to coat valves and fittings, steel enforcement wire mesh and other sundry parts to protect it from rusting and corrosion. Product provides excellent bonding to the substrate.

Application Conditions

Typical application temperature is 180°C to 220°C. However, application parameters required to be adjusted depending on application facility, rebar dimensions, etc. Preheating is required before powder application followed by post curing. Recommended coating thickness is 7-12 mils.

Storage Conditions

Product to be stored below 25°C and 65% maximum relative humidity.  Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Note:  Product Data Sheet (PDS) / Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) may be changed anytime, send your request here to get the updated copy.