Manifa Participates In Middle East Steel

Conference  (MESC) - Oil and Gas Industry 2014

October 24, 2014


Manifa Powder Coatings participated in Middles East Steel Conference (MESC) - Oil and Gas Industry held at Intercontinental - Festival City, Dubai, UAE on October 21-23, 2014.

Said event was organized by Knowledge Expansion & ASM Saudi Chapter, had generated an overwhelming response from sponsors, speakers and delegates, whom requested the continuation of the conference on Steel Production and Protection.

MESC 2014 provides an excellent opportunity for regional and international steel producers and related services companies on steel protection and product technology, to connect, network and discuss how to develop innovative ideas and industry solutions that address the growing needs of the oil and gas industries.

The theme for MESC 2014 is “Enhancing the Quality of Steel in Middle East” and its objective is to create a forum for facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in all aspects of steel production and protection engineering in addition to seeking solutions to the various challenges that materials engineers face.

Some of the main topics that were addressed during the technical program of the conference were Enhancing Communication Between Steel Mills, Pipe Manufactures, Construction Makers and End Users. In addition, the conference will address the challenges that engineers face to enhance the life of steel structures using the latest applicable technologies.


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